And the award goes to…


Today I announced my Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (from now on just WCMT to save me from repetitive strain) Fellowship Award to the world, ie. Twitter.

It is refreshing (and relieving) to find that not only are my colleagues who I see every week very supportive and lovely but also colleagues who I have connected with briefly at meetings and who I have known only over the Twittersphere are also lovely and encouraging. Thank you all.

I had this grand idea in my mind that I would make a coordinated announcement via all social media outlets, bang, bang, bang! But hey ho, life, my non-medical prescribing studying (exam prep and coursework XXL) and trying to get home from work on time (crash on the m5 slipway-very sad) got in the way. I am certainly not a perfectionist but I do like to get things done. Love a good tick list. So here it is, my strategically planned social media campaign.. a brief Twitter hello and a blog site that I’m proud to say has 2 blog posts already!

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